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Centre Director

Hi Everyone, I am Kylee and I have been working at this OSHC for 14 years, yes 14 years is a long time! Over the years I have met and looked after some wonderful children that came to this centre that have turned into wonderful adults. You may know some of them? Emma, Emily, Zoe and Jake (aka Bulla) they all used to come to this centre when they were little kids just like you and now they have come back to work here.

People that know me know that I love my pets very much, I have a dog called Lexi, some of you have met her--‐ she looks like a little Fuzzy Teddy Bear. I also have 2 cats Milo (the cranky old man) and Leo (the naughty little boy).



Co-Ordinator/ Educational Leader

Howdy, my name is Amy and I have been working at FLOSC since 2013. I love working here and hanging out with the kids. If you talk to me about Harry Potter, movies or Rugby Union I’ll talk your ear off for hours if you let me. I’m a referee and coach for Rugby and was lucky enough to coach overseas in 2015. I love travelling and seeing different countries. I also love playing touch footy and and when I was younger, I enjoyed playing netball. Please never ask me to dance… I’m so bad! But if we open up karaoke, I have no shame!






Team Leader

My name is Ursula, I like the color blue and pink, I love seafood and I love looking at vintage cars, trucks and bikes, I enjoy reading and love all sorts of music (even some opera and jazz). There are two people in my life I can never do without and they are my two son's, Dominique and Jarryd.

I have been working at after school care since 2008 and love it because I get an opportunity to meet beautiful children and awesome parents and stunning co--‐workers every day, you all light up my life with your special glow from inside your divine heart's.



Team Leader

Hi, my name is Karen! I have been working here since 2011 and have met some lovely parents over the years. In my spare time I like to go for walks around the lake with my daughter, Paige, and my dog, Miami. I moved to Australia in 2006 from Scotland with my daughter to start a new life and we haven’t looked back since.




Team Leader

Hi everyone, my name is Georgia. I have worked at FLOSC since 2012. I am a permanent at FLOSC which means I'm at the centre every day. I attended Forest Lake state school from pre school to grade 7. My favourite sports are soccer and touch football. I have played soccer since I could walk. I'm also known as the injury prone one at work. My favourite colour is green and my main goal in life is to start my own business, but am more then happy where I am now at FLOSC.




Team Leader

Hey Everyone, my name is Joe and I have been here since 2015 and am currently studying exercise sport science and physical education teaching. The majority of my time away from work is spent playing football (soccer) which is my main passion. Other than that I enjoy the company of my friends especially our very own Jacob! I love my job here at FLOSC because I used to be like the kids and always loved it when the staff would spend their time playing with me so to give back in that respect is what I love the most!




Hey there! My name is Nick, and I started as an Educator at FLOSC in February of 2015 while I was studying a Diploma of Justice, which I have since completed. I absolutely love my role because everyday is different to the last, and I get to meet people from all parts of our community. A few of my favourite things to do are seeing a movie, catching up with friends, and reading, with my favourite sport being archery. the one thing I love the most is Lord of the Rings and all things related!




Hi I'm Sarah! I'm 19 years old and I joined the FLOSC crew in March 2016. I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Queensland. My favourite subject is biology because I love learning about how all kinds of living things work. Outside of work and uni I have a lot of interests, one of my favourites is playing piano. I have been playing since I was in primary school (at Forest Lake State School) and now I am lucky enough to tutor some children piano which is a really rewarding experience! I have a very big family ( some of them you might already know) I am the 5th child in a family of 7 kids. I love working at FLOSC because it is really rewarding to see all of the amazing things that you're all learning to do.




Hey! I'm Jamie--‐Lee, but since I can remember everyone just calls me Jamie. I'm currently studying Secondary Education at USQ specialising in English and Accounting. My main hobbies are watching sport, reading and generally cracking bad jokes. I love working at FLOSC, I enjoy watching you all smile and have fun.




Hey! My name is Ronin and I study Paramedic Science at QUT. I love playing sport especially football. My favourite food is Calamari and my favourite colour is red. My favourite movies of all time is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and my favourite book is the first Harry Potter.







Hi my name is Cammy. I am an Australian and American citizen. I moved to Australia the end of 2018. I started work at FLOSC in 2019. My favourite things are anything active and outdoorsy including, basketball, rugby, volleyball, Mixed Marshal Arts, Photography and sketching. I love doing hands on and building things. I knew how to frame a house by the time I was 15. I'm working on a degree in Architectural Design. I'm currently designing homes that will be built in America. My happy place is the beach.






Hi everyone, my name is Andrew. After finishing my career as a fitter and turner in 2018 I decided I wanted to take a different career path and now I’m currently studying a bachelor of secondary education with a physics major. If I was to describe myself I’d say I’m a huge car enthusiast, a lover of science, enquiry and understanding and a big rugby league fan.
My idea of fun has changed a lot over the years but at the moment a camping trip away from the city or a day at the beach is where I like to unwind.






Hey everyone! My name is Michelle and I started here at FLOSC middle of 2019. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education, and although I cannot wait to be a teacher, hanging out with you guys is equally amazing and so rewarding. As you get to know me, you’ll realise I’m a major Potterhead (go team Slytherin!) When outside of work, you’ll always find me spending time with friends and family, or studying.






Hi! My name is Shruti and I’m studying Physiotherapy at Griffith University. I was born in India, and then moved to Australia at the age of 6. I attended Forest Lake State School since year 1 and graduated from it in 2013! My hobbies include photography and reading fiction books.


Georgia D


Hi my name is Georgia, I started work at FLOSC in 2017 but moved to Canada to study and play college basketball. I’m very active love playing just about any sport, but in particular basketball, I’ve played since I was 4 years old and I’ve been coaching basketball as well since I was 15. I love to travel and hope to travel around the world, I’ve been to America twice and to several parts of Australia to play basketball in national and international leagues. I’m currently studying business management, hoping to study either sports or event management.





Hey everyone, my name is Henry. I’m a Sunshine Coast boy, living in Brisbane now. I love all sports from cricket, AFL, Rugby, Tennis, Basketball but my main sport is Soccer. I’ve played soccer all my life ever since I can remember. Currently play for lions FC. So come down and watch us! I also attend university at Griffith hopefully to achieve a degree in Business. One day hopefully own my own business or something along those lines. In my spare time I like to hang with friends and get to the beach.





Hey! My name is Michaela, pronounced like Mikayla but spelt Michael with an “a”. I am currently studying Primary Education at Griffith University after finishing my degree in Business & Psychology. Outside of work & Uni, you’ll find me watching Disney movies, chasing sunsets & sunrises or anywhere close to the ocean. My favourite colour is blue, I am a mother of indoor plants and a sucker for country music (don’t hate, I know), sushi and puppies. I started at FLOSC in January 2020 and have loved every hour with the kids since.





Hey everyone, my name is Solomon. I’m a country boy, living in Brisbane. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Counselling a Griffith University with dreams to one day be able to start my own practise and teach Psychology to year 11 and 12 students as well as HPE. I love all sports Rugby League, Touch, OzTag, Rugby, and Cross Country but my main sport is Track and Field. I’ve been a runner since I was a wee baby representing the state every year at nationals.


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