About Us

Our Philosphy

It is our philosophy of the centre to provide a caring, stimulating, education and safe environment in which parents and staff can work together to provide a quality program for every child attending. All members of our centre will be treated equitably and equally in an environment free of bias and prejudice.

Children are supported and have the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with their peers and others. All children are encouraged to have a sense of freedom to explore their strengths, talents, and abilities. All children are also encouraged to feel supported in exploring new challenges. Our children are encouraged to express their views, interests, wants, and needs to educators. Furthermore, the children are encouraged to offer input to the centres program, to help cater to each individual’s interests and needs to have a sense of belonging and ownership.

All FLOSC member are valued and their holistic interests are respected at all times.

Center Values



Growth & Learning

Our Team

Here at FLOSC we create a stimulating, educational and safe environment where all children, families and educators are valued and their holistic interests are respected.

Our friendly and passionate crew of educators encourage and support your children, giving them opportunity to explore their strengths, talents and abilities, and to build life-long relationships with peers and others. We promote and endorse Nature Play Queensland and their Risky Play philosophy.


Our School

We are proudly a part of Forest Lake State School. We share the schools diversity, values and amazing facilities!

Forest Lake State School Outside School Care

Contact Us

Phone: (07) 3714 1253



Forest Lake State School, Kauri Pl, Forest Lake QLD 4078

Visit us at our office down in the big blue hall! 

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday 6:30am - 8:30am and 2:45pm - 6pm

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