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Seniors Room

FLOSC Seniors Room

Year 6 Children have their own purpose built space which they have renovated and furnished themselves over time where they can play Xbox, read, play games and watch movies with their friends.

Craft Room
Sports Hall
Games Room
Oval & Sandpit


Seniors' Room

FLOSC Seniors Room

Yr 6 children have their own purpose built space which they have renovated and furnished themselves over time where they can play Xbox, read, play games and watch movies with their friends.

Craft Room

craft - Copy

Children have access to a multitude of indoor and outdoor craft activities on a daily basis, catering for a large range of interests and abilities. The children have a choice to plan their own craft activities if they wish to.

Sports Hall

FLOSC Sports Hall

Children have access to the school hall for indoor activities such as Basketball, Netball and Volleyball. There is also the sports oval for all outdoor play such as sporting activities, climbing trees, access to our Loose Parts Play etc

Games Room

FLOSC Games Room

Purpose built room for all children to have access to a vast range of Lego, Blocks, Board Games and Xboxes.


FLOSC Playground

The children have access to both the junior playground and the recently renovated senior playground. These are sure to keep even the cheekiest little monkeys busy.

Oval & Sandpit


Children have daily options of activities running on our massive oval, or they can play a game of their own with equipment and balls available. There is also an extra large sandpit, gardening and building activites. 



We offer Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care, with healthy and exciting options for afternoon tea every day of the week. Children can engage in a range of activities with Educators, or enjoy the freedom of leisure play. The FLOSC Program is purely based and developed through Educator observations, reflective practices, and childrens' interests.

We offer Vacation Care during all holiday periods with more fun and exciting activities and projects for your children to enjoy. Our Vacation Care program includes incursions and excursions away from the center as well as relaxed and fun days planned by our Educators.


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Visit us at our office down in the big blue hall! 

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Monday - Friday 6:30am - 8:30am and 2:45pm - 6pm

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