Impromptu Yoga Session

During the our Before School Care session, Riley T was feeling a little bored as her friends were not there yet. She wanted to listen to the Music but an Educator was using it for something else already. Instead, she started to stretch and do some yoga poses. Soon she had a few of the younger children wanting to copy her and join her. It was great to see how Riley managed this, she openly welcomed them and used some really good communication skills to help facilitate this impromptu Yoga Class. This continued in the afternoon, with more children wanting to join. I love how Riley was able to turn a possibly negative situation into something positive that was inclusive to others and gave her a strong sense of identity. I also enjoyed how she and her pupils created funny names for poses, such as sprinkles & candy canes. This made it easier for the younger children to remember and feel a sense of belonging just like Riley.

It is fantastic to see the children turn to these activities our Health Hub has been doing when they are looking for something to do. It shows that they have a good understanding of a holistic healthy lifestyle as well as how it can be social and enjoyable. Riley told me later, she turned to Yoga because it helps her focus and makes her feel good when she can do a pose. We hope to see more children enjoying activities such as this from the Health Hub.

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