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Cauliflower Pizza

Today our Health Hub made a healthy alternative Pizza. The bases is made from Cauliflower. The best part is that it still tastes as good as the Classic Pizza you know and love. We did a google search to see how “healthy” ours is compared to our local popular pizza shop. Our whole pizza had…

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Today at FLOSC (Monday 17/5/21), we did a health Hub activity called Boxercise. It involves boxing to the beat of the music. This was a great activity for us because we learnt new skills and moves, like how to punch properly with jab and cross technique. It is part of the Health Hub activities because…

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Impromptu Yoga Session

During the our Before School Care session, Riley T was feeling a little bored as her friends were not there yet. She wanted to listen to the Music but an Educator was using it for something else already. Instead, she started to stretch and do some yoga poses. Soon she had a few of the…

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