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Our Heart Maps

A heart map is filled with different things that are important to us and make us happy. Here you can see our kids heart maps and together we made a heart map of FLOSC. The inside heart represents the children’s FLOSC heart map, and the outer heart represents the staff’s FLOSC heart map. This was…

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September Vacation Care Wrap Up

September holidays saw the lovely spring weather make its first appearance and with that our Vacation Care program got underway. The first week of the program had many great days such as Alice in Wonderland day, 80s& 90s day and British day just to name a few. These days saw both children and staff really…

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Getting into Nature Play

Here at FLOSC we want to foster learning through observationally derived and self-directed play.  we want to enrich our children’s lives by introducing to them life skills, knowledge and experiences that go beyond their school learning. We at FLOSC value nature, community and sustainable development and practices. We want our children to have a strong…

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